Forno Rosso is a family Italian restaurant located in the heart of Downtown  Brooklyn.  Everyone  always  feels  welcomed here. Forno Rosso was opened in 2013 with support and culinary guidance from a  Neapolitan restaurant. It is one of the few Italian restaurants in downtown Brooklyn offering fine cuisine at affordable prices.

Forno Rosso is always filled with light and laughter, fine aromas from the wood stove and various Italian wines. Our menu is a palette of popular Italian dishes which will guide you through a culinary tour of Italy, offering homemade tortellini from Verona, juicy chicken from Palermo, Dorado Torino style or veal scallops from the Liguria seashore. The décor creates an atmosphere of an idyllic Italian home.


1350 Avenue of Americas St 2302

NYC NY 10019


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