The story of an investment and brand management company American Standard started in Manhattan with just a single location. Over the years, the company has grown tremendously throughout the boroughs of New York City, positioning itself as a thriving establishment that operates restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with an extensive range of cuisine and culinary styles. Within its group, American Standard has successfully launched and managed brands such as Cheese Grill, Forno Rosso, Imani, Las Santas, Ashland and Otanta and all our upcoming projects and concepts in Manhattan. The Group’s success has been driven by its philosophy: ensuring the brands within portfolio, maintain the consistency and integrity of their original concepts, offering guests the experience that accents features indispensable to the brand .

American Standard has established itself by integrating themselves with local business improvement districts. Furthermore we employ some of the leading hospitality management professionals. Ensuring our employees follow strict guidelines for professional communications and service, with prominent emphasis on client relationship management. While each of the venues provides customers with a unique experience, the success of the group is based on delivering a tailor made experience of all aspects of the project. American Standard offers a solid value proposition, satisfying the needs of clientele who value a distinctive and diverse atmosphere, personalized and timely service as well as high quality surroundings. Through this, American Standard skillfully fused family intimacy with upscale atmosphere, catering to the local and professional crowd that loyally followed the brand since its concept in 2012. 

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